Quality management in the field of nursing: a new but crucial concept

Nursing Quality Management

Nurses play an essential pivotal role in the safety of care, in collaboration with doctors. Their initial and ongoing training, their technical qualities, the quality of their relationships with the patient, and their professional ethics commit them to providing quality and safe care.

Nursing forms the basis of the provision of health care all over the world, the care and interventions of nurses have an undeniable impact on patient health outcomes. Considerable effort is devoted to patient safety by nursing management.

Being a nurse means choosing a profession that is committed to contributing to the well-being of individuals and society. This job requires the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and expertise.

It requires taking responsibility for one’s own development and actions. Integrating this profession means quickly realizing that the training will be continuous and the search for new knowledge constant.

Due to all this, it becomes crucial for nurses to continue learning new concepts, and one of them is nursing quality management.

Investing in a certificate course in Nursing Quality Management means seeking the knowledge necessary to develop solid skills relating to your clinical practice, this approach improves the quality of care and patient safety.

Quality is present in all segments. In the health area, it is directly related to Patient Safety, aiming to reduce and mitigate unsafe acts in the health management system.

The certificate course in Nursing Quality Management offered by Astron E-College aims to train health professionals to develop actions aimed at patient safety, assessments, and continuous improvement actions in the various hospital areas, taking into account concepts and tools of quality and performance management, and Key Performance Indicators of Nursing.

It is difficult for patients to know if they are receiving quality care. Even medical professionals cannot always judge this.

The knowledge of Nursing Quality Management standards learned with the help of certificate courses in Nursing Quality Management allows to measure the health benefits of the work of nurses and improve patient outcomes. Quality management in nursing works to reduce errors, and improve patient care.

In health care, different patients can have vastly different problems, even in an obstetrics or oncology specialty and this is why solutions to patient conditions must be individually tailored and nursing care should be provided accordingly.

The certificate course in Nursing Quality Management aims to prepare nurses to plan, organize and develop skills, in order to implement and evaluate assistance and management processes in health services.


Health professionals who are interested in working with quality and patient safety.

This course is developed so that nurses have the opportunity to know and use the instruments and tools for patient management and safety, through an evidence-based practical approach. We are sure that this certification will make a difference in your professional resume.

After completing the course, you will be able to provide advice on the processes of continuous improvement of quality and patient safety, participating in the elaboration of strategic plans that incorporate specific management tools, which will facilitate the monitoring of institutional actions that will promote quality of nursing care and patient safety.

Do you want more information about how this course can make a difference in your career? Enroll right now!

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