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Certification in Private Equity and Venture Capital

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  • English
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  • Learn on internationally acclaimed LMS-Moodle
  • Audio-Video based Learning
  • Six Modules
  • Six Assignments
  • Life time access on Laptop, Mobile & TV
  • Get Globally accepted certificate on completion

Course Description

In this e-learning course “Private Equity and Venture Capital” we will delve deep into the world of Investment banking, PE firms and Venture Capital firms foraying in the Indian ecosystem. And also describe the step by step process with practical tips to explain how traditional, vanilla type, brick and mortar kind of age oldlending institutions esp Banks, Financers etc with prevalence in India got shifted intoAI based, highly digitized, professionally managed world of Private Equity funds and Venture Capital funds providing incubation and seed capital facilities for Start ups, Unicorns and entrepreneurial businesses. It provides an insight into the gamut of services being offered at the click of the button, without visiting these traditional lending institutions.
Both Private Equity and Venture capital funds make in their investments for newly formed start up businesses, their transitional growth and development etc with equity as well as Management participation . It brings about thee touch of professionalism with technical expertise and skill sets. All said and done, thankfully it is the thing of the past. In this jet pace life style, digital and investment banking has transformed the whole scenario. Post 2000, Economic and Financial spectrum in our Indian ecosystem has witnessed a quantum leap with new genre private equity firms like Sequoia, KKR, Blackstone, Soft bank, Icici Securities, Kotak Investment and AMCs making foray into seed capital and venture capital investments based on customer friendly, tailor made product structuring. Now we have transcended into the hyper looped world of internet through digital banking with just a click of the button, to access our Bank Account and transact with plethora of such financial services.
There’s a difference between those who still cling to old banking systems and conventional lenders and financers, vis a visthose who have migrated to the use of tech savvy digital investment banking systems. Venture capital and private equity are two types of financial assistance that are used by companies in different stages. They are often considered as one because of their similar concept. However, there is a significant difference between these two concepts. Private Equity is a large investment in developed companies and venture capital is a small investment usually made in initial stages of development of a company.
Private equity funds refer to investments made by investors for investment purposes. Whereas, venture capital refers to funding to those ventures that are backed by new entrepreneurs, have high risks, and who require money to shape their ideas. Technically speaking Venture Capital is just a subset of Pvt Equity and both aree part of the broader spectrum of Investment Banking offering hordes and basket of credit loan facilities just a few mentionables in the whole gamut of financial services offered through Digital world. The course deals with the detailed and deep down analysis of the private equity and venture capital business where in the students will be provided with knowledge based inputs and contents based on process and mechanism related to functioning of PE firms and the financial support it can offer to start-up businesses as well as an over view of Indian financial system through venture capital investment. The course tries to discover how special financial intermediaries (called private equity investors) finance through equity companies belonging to different stages of their life-cycle, starting from the very beginning (startup and early stage) to a more mature phase (i.e. expansion, mature age, etc.) or also staying into crises and decline. During this e learning course, we shall guide you through simple and pragmatic techniques and practical tool kit to enhance your thinking capabilities and broaden your perceptions towards Digital Banking and its ease of convenience and operations’ It makes sense, prepares you to think strategically, and gives you the framework, with steps toward yourfulfilling your financial goals and let your business grow with thechanging times. The course explains how to become financially prudent and disciplined. The bigger point of financial-discipline is to get control of yourself and your hard earned money through proper avenues of investments.
The course program and its outlay is highly use friendly to give the participants flexibility , convenience and compatibility. It teaches you the practical tool kit and Take aways with MCQs exercises to hone up your knowledge and skills
The Course encapsulates and entails very constructive methodology to bolster your sub conscious Mind set through Goal Setting and Self Awareness, Self Learning of your Success Code. This helps in delivering better and efficacious results and outcomes in your professional life, and how to mitigate and combatyour short coming and fears which at times impedes your growth and development both career wise, professionally and personally making you live through your life with zing and zest. The course is formulated and designed into comprehensive single modules of 45 Minutes time frame each. It’s a step by step process, strategized to provide helpful knowledge based financial prudence, checks and balancemechanisms, Dos and Don’ts with systemic course evaluation and certification. The Course contents have been extracted and interpolated through various qualified, acclaimed and credible referential sources from eminent economists, bankers, technocrats and other verifiable referential sources.

Key Features

  • Learn on internationally acclaimed LMS-Moodle
  • Audio-Video based Learning
  • 2 Modules
  • 2 Assignments
  • Life time access on Laptop, Mobile & TV
  • Get Globally accepted certificate on completion

Course Outline

  • Module -1
    • What is Private Equity ?
    • What are Private Equity Firms- Brief Synopsis
    • Difference between Traditional & Investment Banking.
    • Different functions of Private Equity Firms
    • How a Private Equity PE firm works in the age of high tech digital banking
    • Different participants of PE firms
    • Strategies and Product Services offered by PE Firms
    • How to select a Pvt Equity firm
    • What is a Business Module of PE firm
    • What is the importance of Investment Banking
    • Performance of PE firms- critical overview
    • How safe & secured is Private Equity Investments
  • Module -2
    • • What is Venture Capital ?
    • • What are Hedge Funds-
    • • Origin of Venture Capital firms.
    • • Different functions of Venture Capital PE Firms
    • • Basics of Venture capital funding
    • • What are Angel Investors
    • • Start ups and Unicorns- Brief synopsis
    • • How to select a Venture Capital firm
    • • What is a Business Module of Venture Capital firm
    • • How risky is Venture Capital
    • • What are M & A Mergers and Acquisitions- critical overview
    • • Recap
  • Module -3
    • Risk Management in Healthcare

Course Certificate

Available Payment Options

  • EMI Option

  • Credit Card

  • Debit Card

  • Bank Transfer

Inspired by

Mr. Sanjeev Dheer

Ex CEO & MD of a leading Co-Op Bank, Ex Regional Mkt and Biz Head ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank

He is a seasoned Professional Banker cum Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach.


  • Course Information
    • Duration – 2 Hours
    • Course Delivery - Video based e-learning module
  • Eligibility
    • Professionals from any industry with minimum qualification of Graduation.
  • Enrolment for the course
    • How to Register for the course? To register for the course, go to and click on "Register Now"
    • How to access the course material online? To access the course, go to and click on “Log In Using Your Account on GOOGLE” and enter your e-mail ID: Gmail ID & Password. In case you are not able to access the login ID and password, write us to
  • Assessments
    • How will the assessments to be conducted?
      • After each module there would be self- assessment.
      • All assessments will be based on MCQs or Case Studies.
    • What if I am not able to clear the assessment in the first attempt?
      • You will have to achieve 50% grade in each assessment. If you are not able to achieve 50% grade, you will get the access to re-attempt the assessment.
  • Issuance of Certificate
    • What certification will I get at the end of the course?
      • Successful completion of "Private Equity and Venture Capital".
    • When will I get my certificate?
      • Once you successfully pass each module, your e-Certificate will be generated in the student dashboard.
  • Write Us
    • For any feedback/suggestion regarding the course, please write to us at

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